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  • Finding adventure in job is mindset

    From vacations to errands, I like to think of activities in terms of adventures. It gives everything I do a much more 'Indiana Jones'-like feel! When I commissioned into the Air Force a little more than two years ago, I wasn't sure how long I would stay in or where I might end up, but did know one thing for sure -- I was embarking on one incredible
  • Stay safe, the Air Force needs you

    The Air Force Occupational Safety and Health program provides a safe and healthful work environment for the men and women who serve, work and play in the United States Air Force. I have always heard that the greatest form of flattery is imitation. Being a reservist who works safety in both the corporate and military worlds, I have seen the Air
  • A day in the life of aeromedical evacuation missions

    My crew and I had an awesome mission the other night, one that reminded me just how much manpower, money and risk the United States military will put into saving one of its own.As a C-130 Hercules crew, we spend all our time hauling troops and cargo to and from the fight. After flying these missions every other day for a couple months, they start
  • When was your last real feedback?

    Feedback comes in many forms and can be given by peers, superiors and subordinates. The most common form of feedback in the military involves the formal performance feedback worksheet which has just been revised for both officers and enlisted members. This feedback mechanism has specific directions to allow it to be used to its full potential of
  • Airmen need to invest in their future

    Congratulations, you've been promoted and have an extra $100 per month coming to you. You celebrate by: a) Heading to the car dealership and trading up. b) Increasing your retirement account allotment. c) Setting up a savings account. d) Paying extra on your credit card debt. e) I'm going to Disneyland! If you answered "d," do yourself a favor and
  • Why I still serve after 20 years

    From "Aim High" to "Cross into the Blue," twenty years in the Air Force has come and gone, but I'm not done making my mark just yet. I've seen a lot of changes in 20 years, from the olive drab fatigues, to the "new" Airman Battle Uniform. From the old fighter aircraft like the F-4 Phantom, to the new F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter. Heck, we don't even
  • "Get out of the house!"

    It has often been said that everything we need to know in life we learned in kindergarten. We learned how to play, share, help, and take care of one another. One of my earliest memories of childhood is hearing my mother constantly remind me to "get out of the house!" Now, being the "perfect" children that my four siblings and I were, I'm sure my
  • Driving drowsy: Just not smart

    After a long day at work, you are too excited to wait an additional day before starting your trip to go see your family. It's your leave, so why should you waste a day sitting at home? You load up the car, fill up with gas and hit the road; the drive's only a few hours. The drive begins as planned - you make it to the highway, bring your car up to
  • Driving after drinking not worth the risk

    You're not dependent on alcohol and you wouldn't be considered an alcohol abuser, so therefore, you're not at risk of causing an alcohol-related accident. Right? Wrong. In fact, statistics show that only 8.5 percent of the American population meets the criteria of being an alcohol abuser, but according to a national survey conducted by Mothers
  • Staying safe in summer heat

    The warm rays of sunshine, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and summer breezes can send people running for the great outdoors here in North Dakota faster than yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater. Thoughts of softball, in-line skating, bicycling, street hockey or any number of summer outdoor activities often have an "intoxicating" effect on the