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  • Safe and sensible

    Safety is always an issue. Safety is the surrogate mother that stops people in their tracks just when they're about to do something risky. "You'll shoot your eye out ... Let your food digest before you do that ... Don't go barefoot ... Watch out for poisonous spiders." These are the warnings we have all heard, or at least I have, a dozen times.
  • C-17 loadmaster students learn from masters of the craft

    Howard Thagard isn't saying that 17 is his lucky number, but with 17 years experience as a loadmaster and currently serving as a loadmaster instructor of the C-17 Globemaster III, it's probably not a bad number for him to use when playing the lotto.Actually, it is the more than 240 loadmaster students who go through the Boeing C-17 aircrew training
  • Two-wheeled safety

    With warm weather fast approaching, many will soon opt for two-wheeled transportation. Although motorcycles are exciting and save money at the gas pump, riders need to keep a few key points in mind. First of all, it may have been months since you last straddled your motorcycle. Before you turn the key, spend an evening reviewing the notes and books
  • Mentorship of Airmen: Always a supervisor's responsibility

    The professional and personal aspects of mentorship are perhaps the most critical duties of Air Force supervisors in these days of conflict. We cannot afford for the constant mobilization requisite to fight and win the Global War on Terror to drive us to neglect the necessities of our number one asset: our people! As retired Gen. Ronald Fogelman
  • Going back to basics: Today's trainees tomorrow's Airmen

    I just returned from Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, where all the command chief master sergeants from Air Mobility Command gathered for our semi-annual conference. While there, we were able to visit with the newest Airmen at basic military training. It's always good to go back to your roots. Seeing all the trainees marching around opened the flood
  • Be proud of Air Force values

    By some estimates, there are approximately 24 million living veterans.Most of you reading this are probably joining these ranks, and some of you already have. Veterans for me, have a special meaning. In large part, it is because of the core values they hold.I am not young, the downside is understood. The upside is that I get perspective. I continue
  • Memorial Day: Please remember

    A substantially significant holiday is upon us. On this last Monday in May, fly your flags with great pride, bow your heads in reverence, share stories of those you remember and adorn the graves of the fallen with the most beautiful décor. Remember that this day is not just a day off, a chance to start up the grill or an excuse to picnic at the
  • Remember the long line of heroes before us this Memorial Day

    From the Revolutionary War to Operation Iraqi Freedom, there has been a long line of heroes who set forth an effort to protect the liberties that have made our country what it is today. And every Memorial Day, I salute them. You may ask yourself, "What defines a hero?" Truth is there are many forms. However, when referring to Memorial Day, I'm
  • Defending our nation is every servicemembers' job

    "That's not my job." We've all heard these words or some variation of them at some point in our career. What did it say to you about the individual or the organization that person represents? What would be the impact on our mission if we let this mentality creep into our culture? Today, our service is in the midst of a reduction in personnel and
  • Keep looking toward the future

    What a thrill and an honor to be associated with Team Dover! As the DoD's largest aerial port for airlift operations, Dover has long been known as America's center of excellence for strategic mobility. The reason is simple: no military organization, and indeed few nations, can match the synergy of Dover's strategic airlift platforms, advanced