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  • Rodeo Interview with Rodeo Commander (February 2007)

    February 20, 2007 interview with Major General David "Scott" Gray, Rodeo 2007 commander.Q.  As the Rodeo Commander, what are your top priorities for Rodeo 2007? A.  Safety is the first priority for Rodeo 2007.   To have a tremendously good event; to show tactics, techniques, and procedures; to validate training programs; to update tactics with
  • Rodeo Interview with AMC Commander (February 2007)

    An interview by the 62d Airlift Wing Office of Public Affairs with General Duncan J. McNabb, Commander, Air Mobility Command on Feb. 20, 2007.Q.  As AMC/CC are you looking forward to hosting Rodeo? A.  This is a special time for the mobility forces as we try to figure out new and better ways of carrying out our global mission. By bringing teams in
  • "Military justice" is not an oxymoron

    The military justice system has been subjected to attack over the years by a variety of political and legal scholars who believe the system is unfair and arcane. These attacks are normally launched after the national press sensationalizes a court-martial case. The courts-martial surrounding Kelly Flynn and various friendly fire incidents (the most
  • Military Readiness ... a family affair

    Military operations and humanitarian relief responses have increased substantially since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While at the same time, the Air Force is decreasing in size. In short, a limited number of troops are handling an unlimited amount of missions around the globe. This operations tempo places an enormous strain on our
  • The Air Force's most valuable resource

    Transformation. Modernization. Force shaping. Lean reengineering. Recapitalizing the force. If you're an active duty member in today's Air Force, chances are you've heard one of these buzzwords that all allude to the myriad of changes taking place across our service. Multiple, radical changes are nothing new to the military ... as a matter of fact,
  • Service: Ask yourself what it means to you

    Imagine yourself asking a military veteran from your hometown, "What does service mean to you?" Chances are you'll get an earful in return. In the Air Force, we have the core value of service before self. However, before anyone thinks this is a lecture on core values -- hold on. There's a lot more to explain. First, have you ever left a store or a
  • Little things make great leaders: Making a difference in the world starts with you

    Making a difference in today's world starts with you. It doesn't matter if you are an airman basic, general officer, retiree or family member. It starts from a simple desire to make a difference in the world around you through actions such as picking up a piece of trash in the parking lot, holding the door open for someone or a simple greeting.
  • Thanks for being mine: A letter to my sweetheart on Valentine's Day

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I would use this opportunity to write to my wife, letting her know how much her sacrifices mean to me. After I wrote it, I realized it could be a letter from any Airman to his or her spouse of many years. The names of the operations may vary from Airman to Airman, but the sacrifices our spouses
  • Airmen must make responsible choices

    About a year ago, the Air Force focused efforts on embracing a "Culture of Responsible Choices." The objective is to encourage our Airmen to make choices that produce safe and healthy lifestyles - emphasizing personal responsibility and accountability for decisions made on and off-duty. Furthermore, through a successful program, our people stay
  • AF psychologist: wingman concept saves lives

    I was recently deployed as a psychologist on short notice to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, in May of this year. Since my return to Charleston AFB, I have been enjoying time with my family and the cooler weather. I have had many people tell me that Al Udeid is a good place to be deployed if you have to go to the Middle East. I would agree with them in