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  • The bottom three: Leaving your mark

    I recently came across a series of questions, the origin of which is somewhat sketchy. I take no personal credit for them, but I think they offer an excellent opportunity for all of us to reflect on our roles as leaders. The questions posed here are not direct quotations, but capture the essence of the argument. Regardless of rank or position, I
  • Every Airman is an ambassador

    Sept. 18, 1997 was a special day. It was the Air Force's birthday, the 50th birthday of the youngest of the armed forces in America. For me and a room full of nervous civilians, it was the day we swore oaths and shipped off to our services' basic training. As the bus rolled out of the Montgomery, Ala. military entrance processing station, I
  • Shaking hands

    I think I blend into the local community fairly well. As far as I can see, the only thing that gives me away is the Department of Defense sticker on my windshield and my Michigan license plate. But on a recent trip to town, I realized there was something more significant and slightly less tangible that sets me and my fellow Airmen apart. As
  • Reinvigoration: a necessity for today's Airmen

    With chilly, grey weather and lots to do at work each day because of our Air Force's continued high operations tempo, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. The kind of rut that sucks the enjoyment out of what you do, and makes you feel somewhat robotic as you complete your daily tasks. While there are some things beyond our control, including the pace
  • 'Awesome adventure' DAFB member reports from Afghanistan

    I will never forget March 8, 2006. On that day, my commander notified me of my selection for promotion to the rank of senior master sergeant. My family and I were very excited. On the evening of that same day, my commander notified me of my selection for a 365-day deployment to Afghanistan. These two events coinciding triggered a roller coaster of
  • Rodeo Interview with Rodeo Commander (February 2007)

    February 20, 2007 interview with Major General David "Scott" Gray, Rodeo 2007 commander.Q.  As the Rodeo Commander, what are your top priorities for Rodeo 2007? A.  Safety is the first priority for Rodeo 2007.   To have a tremendously good event; to show tactics, techniques, and procedures; to validate training programs; to update tactics with
  • Rodeo Interview with AMC Commander (February 2007)

    An interview by the 62d Airlift Wing Office of Public Affairs with General Duncan J. McNabb, Commander, Air Mobility Command on Feb. 20, 2007.Q.  As AMC/CC are you looking forward to hosting Rodeo? A.  This is a special time for the mobility forces as we try to figure out new and better ways of carrying out our global mission. By bringing teams in
  • "Military justice" is not an oxymoron

    The military justice system has been subjected to attack over the years by a variety of political and legal scholars who believe the system is unfair and arcane. These attacks are normally launched after the national press sensationalizes a court-martial case. The courts-martial surrounding Kelly Flynn and various friendly fire incidents (the most
  • Military Readiness ... a family affair

    Military operations and humanitarian relief responses have increased substantially since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While at the same time, the Air Force is decreasing in size. In short, a limited number of troops are handling an unlimited amount of missions around the globe. This operations tempo places an enormous strain on our
  • The Air Force's most valuable resource

    Transformation. Modernization. Force shaping. Lean reengineering. Recapitalizing the force. If you're an active duty member in today's Air Force, chances are you've heard one of these buzzwords that all allude to the myriad of changes taking place across our service. Multiple, radical changes are nothing new to the military ... as a matter of fact,