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New for 2024: Pet Travel Fee Reimbursement (Contact Your Local Transportation Office for Additional Information)
** AMC Pet Pamphlet, 20 October 2023 **



Air Mobility Command Travel Site

Welcome to the Air Mobility Command Travel Site. Our site contains valuable information for official and space available travel. We hope you will find this site useful for planning your travel with AMC. Pet travel information has also been provided to assist in preparing your pet for travel on the AMC Patriot Express flight or with one of our commercial airline partners. The Space-A page contains a vast amount of information on Space-A eligibility including 100 percent DAV criteria. Space-A is a privilege that may offer substantial savings for your leisure travel. Our team strives to provide a wide variety of information for our travelers to use in while making their travel preparations for either a PCS/TDY or to just get away to that special location to relax and unwind. Please take some time to explore the site. If you don't find what you're looking for or have questions concerning travel with AMC, please contact your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal for additional assistance. 

PASSENGER TERMINAL DIRECTORY (Click on Location for Details)


Eligible family members and DoD civilians on official travel to Germany, Japan and the Republic of Korea must have either a 1. Special Issuance Passport (SIP) (i.e., Official Passport) or, 2. After applying for a SIP and if it cannot be obtained prior to departure, use of a Regular (Blue Tourist) Passport in lieu of the SIP is permissible for travel via MILAIR, contract or commercial air travel.  See Electronic Foreign Clearance Guide (eFCG) for country specific requirements concerning official travel and the use of a SIP or contact your unit-level passport office. 

eFCG Link:


Beginning 1 September 2021, all dependents, DoD Civilians, and DoD Contractors must comply with Korean Electronic Authorization (K-ETA) requirements. Use this link to create and manage your K-ETA:  More details can be found at


Find DoDID Number for Dependents or Children Under 14 Without a Dependent ID Card.
1. Click on link to visit the RAPIDS ID Card Office Online:
2. Click on "CONTINUE" Button Under "My Profile"
3. Login using either DS Logon or CAC
4. Under "Family Members" select Name of Dependent and find DoD ID number
5. Print This Page and Present to AMC Passenger Service Agent when Checking In for Flight

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